Lets do this! We don’t blog like your usual company. We want to get so much more out of it…

We are in business, the loft business and who would of thought it. Definitely not me! Anyway here we are and we love it!

Just look at all the extra space we can create though. It’s a huge help to homeowners who lack storage space in their homes. This really is a fantastic solution when your loft is full of insulation…..

We are in business!!!

‘From a dangerous place to a usable space’

Oh yes!! We can create an easy access storage space in your loft and protect and enhance your loft insulation.

Do you actually know how much space is in your loft? Space that is not getting used due to loft insulation?

You could potentially have so much extra storage space in your home. It’s already there and we can transform it!
Loftzone Storefloor

The loft business has become huge in the UK, massive. People are no realizing about all the extra storage space that is getting wasted in UK homes. Without boarding, homeowners are generally unable to use their loft due to the insulation up there. That my friends is where we come in… The system we use is BBA approved and has won several awards.

A blog about lofts and business – who said this would be boring!!!!

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